This award is a relatively new one – reflecting the uniquely batty voice of Michelle Malkin, defender of Japanese internment in the Second World War, and far and away the break-out star of the hard right blogosphere in the past year. The award is for hyperbolic, divisive, mean-spirited, far-right boilerplate, of the kind Malkin produces on an almost hourly basis. The award has largely supplanted the old Derbyshire Award, named after NRO’s resident bigot and curmudgeon, John Derbyshire. Compared to Malkin, he’s a voice of calm reason. (He will be awarded his own prize later this week, so fear not.) Anwyay, drum roll, please, for the finalists ….

DISBARRED BUT WORTH A CITATION: “Liberals love America like O.J. loved Nicole,” – a headline on an Ann Coulter column at, January 6, 2005. (Coulter is disbarred from the contest, because others have got to have a chance.)

MALKIN AWARD HONORABLE MENTION 2005 : “The Democrats are mounting the most scurrilous political campaign that has been seen in American politics since the Civil War.” – Powerline blogger, John Hinderaker. And they call me excitable.

MALKIN AWARD RUNNER-UP 2005: “It’s time to ask, bluntly, whether self-government can work for people not operating within a Judeo-Christian worldview.” – Joseph Farah, WorldNet Daily.

MALKIN AWARD WINNER 2005: “[B]lood will tell, as the old saying goes: [Mark “Deep Throat” Felt’s] posterity is now dragging out his old body and putting it on display to make money. (Have you noticed how Mark Felt looks like one of those old Nazi war criminals they find in Bolivia or Paraguay? That same, haunted, hunted look combined with a glee at what he has managed to get away with so far?) And it gets worse: it’s been reported that Mark Felt is at least part Jewish. The reason this is worse is that at the same time that Mark Felt was betraying Richard Nixon, Nixon was saving Eretz Israel. It is a terrifying chapter in betrayal and ingratitude. If he even knows what shame is, I wonder if he felt a moment’s shame as he tortured the man who brought security and salvation to the land of so many of his and my fellow Jews. Somehow, as I look at his demented face, I doubt it.” – Ben Stein, American Spectator.

Tomorrow, the equivalent from the nutty left: the Moore Award nominees!

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