How do you really say goodbye to a year? One way is simply to thank those servicemembers who risked and lost their lives to defend us around the world, especially in Iraq. The troops are not responsible for the incompetence of the Bush administration and they deserve our immeasurable gratitude. More to the point, I want to take this moment to remember the thousands of innocent civilians murdered by Islamic terrorists in 2005. From London to Baghdad, these theocratic maniacs murdered with cool unconcern for the lives of innocents. We were reminded all too often of the brutality and evil of the enemy we face. This beautiful and distressing photo-montage by the New York Times helps bring home the toll of terror on ordinary Iraqis, innocent civilians, for whom a mere walk down the street is often an act of courage. By refusing to send enough troops to fill the power vacuum after the fall of Saddam, the Bush administration also bears some indirect responsibility for these deaths, and they are one more, heart-breaking measure of how a just war has become less just because of the recklessness and ineptitude of its execution. History will judge, but we can still remember. Before we toast the new year, let’s have a moment to recall those who never lived to see it, and those they left behind. Let’s also pledge our efforts to see their sacrifices bear fruit – eventually, with God’s help, and our support.

– posted by Andrew.


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