There’s a smackdown debate on conservative foreign policy in the correspondence section of Commentary. Check it out.

ALITO AND EXECUTIVE POWER: It’s why he was nominated, why Miers was nominated and why Roberts was nominated. They all believe in an executive branch on steroids – the kind of thing conservatives once worried about. Sandy Levinson elaborates here.

TORTURE IN BURMA: The Burmese regime is one of the most odious and nutty on the planet. Read this account of torture in Burmese prisons. Now remember that, according to the Wall Street Journal, James Taranto, Mark Levin, Rich Lowry, John Yoo, and many others, nothing detailed in this account qualifies as torture at all.

A FIRST AMENDMENT FOR BRITAIN? A good idea from what looks like a stimulating book, “The Retreat of Reason.”

TACKLING JESUS: Not an easy decision.

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