WHAT IF MENCKEN BLOGGED? Jack Shafer <a href = http

//www.slate.com/id/2133638/?nav=fix target = _blank>wonders whether it’s true that H. L. Mencken actually produced 70 million words in his lifetime. He reckons it’s more in the 5 million range. But what if he’d been a blogger, as I suspect he would be if he were alive today? I just counted up the words typed into this blog over 2005. I say “typed” because a chunk of them are quotes or emails from readers and the like. Nevertheless, at 530,000 words a year, a blogger could match Mencken’s lifetime record in a decade. Six years and counting …

THE MEDIA VERSUS ISRAEL: A round-up of last year’s worse anti-Israel bias.

CONSERVATIVES AGAINST WIRE-TAPPING: Remember when conservatives believed in restraining government power, not allowing it to spend as if there were no tomorrow and to let it wiretap citizens without so much as the flimsiest of rubber-stamping court checks? It turns out there are still some conservatives willing to resist the imposition of an above-the-law executive. Digby cites several sources here. Glenn Greenwald surveys the scene here. Bill Safire is on board. Even one priest in the Bush-cult called Powerline has demurred. Cato has suggested that if the president can simply break the law when he feels like it in pursuing the war on terror, why bother with the Patriot Act at all? Or the McCain Amendment?

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