Here’s a question. I’m working on a section of my book that deals with abortion. I’ve read a bunch of scientific sources and have varying answers to a simple question. The question is: what proportion of human zygotes successfully make it to being born babies, without being impeded by deliberate human intervention? A zygote is the very first entity that can be called human life: it’s the speck containing 46 chromosomes that exists the moment after conception. According to advocates of the new natural law (Aquinas differed), all these zygotes are fully-fledged human beings. What percentage of these human beings perish by the cruellty of nature in their mothers’ wombs? I’ve heard estimates from 50 to 80 percent death-rates. Maybe it’s impossible to get more accurate figures. But I’m frustrated by not finding anything definitive. I’m not looking to get into an argument here, merely trying to nail down a fact. I’ll pass on what I find out.

– posted by Andrew.


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