“The men were taken by ambulances to a nearby hospital for examination.” – USA Today, yesterday. The MSM strikes again. USA Today is the largest circulation paper in America. Blogs are no less reliable. The best blogs are more reliable.

QUOTE FOR THE DAY II: “The country’s on the verge of a civil war,” Lt. Gen. Ricardo S. Sanchez, Tuesday, about Iraq.

THE INFRASTRUCTURE: Over the past three years, I’ve heard many, constantly shifting defenses of administration policy in Iraq after the fall of Baghdad. The latest has been that, while U.S. troops cannot control violence or maintain order (we never sent enough to do that), they can protect the infrastructure and push the democratic process forward. One problem: the critical energy infrastructure seems to be helpless in the face of insurgent violence. So we didn’t even send enough troops to protect the pipelines.

HOW HUMANS DIE II: Every human life begins in zygote form – a tiny speck of genetic material that exists the moment a sperm conjoins with a fertilized egg. Natural law philosophers, those who provide the intellectual spine of the pro-life movement, argue that human beings exist from that moment on. The Pope reiterated that point in his Christmas message. If that’s true, human life truly is nasty, brutish and short. The numbers are hard to pin down because most unborn children – to use the pro-life term – die so soon after coming into existence that the mother is not even aware that she has become pregnant. The scientific consensus is that, at the most conservative end of the spectrum, half of all unborn children die before they even get a chance to get implanted in the uterus (some estimates put that figure even higher at around 70 percent). Of those that successfully get implanted, the mortality rate is lower, somewhere around 35 percent. The most recent research has consistently increased the estimates of early death. The numbers for such infinitesimal occurrences are inevitably vague. But we can securely say that a clear majority of human beings die before they are even a few weeks’ old. We’re talking about millions of deaths annually in the United States – a human toll unknown in any other environment. Natural abortions, in other words, far exceed the number of procured abortions. Comparing the scale of what humans do to the unborn with what nature does is like comparing a high tide with a tsunami. You can explore more of this here, here, and here.

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