“We are Iraqis, and Al Qaeda came from outside our borders. They defame the name of the noble resistance inside Iraq,” – “Abu Omar“, the nom de guerre of a member of the Islamic Army in Abu Ghraib. The enemy is not just evil; it’s also dumb. In that lies the slim, but still present hope for the future in Iraq.

A FULLER LIST: The recipients of Abramoff’s bounty, with party affiliation highlighted.

UH-OH: After he copped a plea deal, Randy Cunningham wore a wire for a while to record his conversations.

THE NEXT GENERATION: The latest Hamilton College/Zogby poll of high school seniors shows a generation morally troubled by abortion and highly supportive of gay rights. 53.6 back marriage rights, an additional 20.1 percent back civil unions, and 63 percent are fine with gay adoptions. Catholics, as ever, are the most pro-gay of Christian denominations. Here are the results from 2001. The marriage question, alas, has changed. In 2001, 66 percent favored marriage rights, but were not given a civil union option. Today, a combined 74 percent favor one or the other. The proportion of students who were staunchly antigay in 2001 was 30 percent. In 2005, it was 20 percent. The bulk of them came from evangelical and fundamentalist backgrounds. As the broader society becomes much more accepting of gays, the religious right has hardened its hostility. Oh, and the idea of amending the federal constitution to bar marriage and civil unions for gays? It has 26 percent support among the next generation. Hence the urgency among the older fundamentalists to get it passed – soon.


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