Variety has an update:

“Brokeback” came out ahead of several new pics on twice or four times as many playdates, including “Casanova,” “Bloodrayne” and “Grandma’s Boy.” Among the new markets where the critically acclaimed pic opened strong were Tulsa, El Paso, Des Moines and Lubbock, Tex.

Lubbock, Texas, is the place the president often refers to when he talks about the heartland of America, and it’s where his library will be sited. The Mickster hasn’t mentioned the movie he hasn’t seen in quite a while. He predicted it would bomb in the heartland. Does Lubbock count? As for the mainstream, on “Desperate Housewives” last night, there were three separate graphic scenes of two late-teenage boys french-kissing, waking up naked in the same bed together, and mauling each other’s necks. Brokeback is tame in comparison.

(CORRECTIONS: Although Lubbock is favored to house Bush’s library, the decision has not yet apparently been taken. And, although he hasn’t mentioned it on his blog, the Mickster has indeed seen Brokeback Mountain. And says he wasn’t grossed out.)

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