AN IMMINENT THREAT? Iran appears to be on <a href = http

// target = _blank>the verge of nuclear capacity. John Keegan sums up the situation admirably here. Sorry to ruin your morning.


THE NSA AND THE LAW: Critical legal analysis of warrant-less wire-tapping of American citizens can be found here.

ONE OF A KIND: Apparently, I don’t look like any celebrities known to the web. Phew.

YGLESIAS AWARD NOMINEE: “It is true that any Washington influence peddler is going to spread cash and favors as widely as possible, and 210 members of Congress have received Abramoff-connected dollars. But this is, in its essence, a Republican scandal, and any attempt to portray it otherwise is a misdirection.” – Rich Lowry, National Review.

CONDOMS AS GUNS: The latest Catholic analogy.

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